What’s in a name: the ℏ

the ħ at Fantabulon presents The Sand Bar
the ħ underwent a slight rebranding for Fantabulon: Under the Sea!

The bar at Fantabulon isn’t just called “the bar at Fantabulon,” but in fact has its own special name—albeit one that may be opaque to all but the nerdiest among us. Owing to my time as a physics major, there was simply no other suitable name for my bar other than “the ħ,” where that funny little lowercase-h-with-a-line-through-the-vertical-part is the reduced Planck’s constant (pronounced “h-bar”), which is

reduced Planck's constant (h-bar)
Reduced Planck’s constant (rendered in LaTeX, naturally)

The name is really the perfect distillation (get it?) of my humor: it requires a bit of semi-obscure factual knowledge that, once known, renders the “joke” hardly worth a smirk.

I’ll spare you my attempts to derive just how Planck’s quantization of energy was arrived at. I will say that since Fantabulon has mostly switched from incandescent light sources to LEDs, one might say that black-body radiation is most relevant to the party through the bar’s name.

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