Cocktail Recipe: Oro Azteca

Tequila Cointreau crème de cacao craft cocktail
Oro Azteca cocktail
  • 2 oz Calendé tequila reposado
  • 2 tsp Cointreau
  • 2 tsp Drillaud’s crème de cacao
  • 1 tsp King’s Ginger liqueur
  • 1 tsp Cynar

Libbey 3773 Embassy 5.5 oz champagne coupe (alternately, Luminarc 5.5 oz coupe cocktail glasses)


Stir ingredients with ice, and strain into a coupe. Slice an orange peel, express oils into the drink, and drop the peel into the glass.

Tasting Notes

Tequila funk and a bright orange scent dominate the nose while a sip reveals the spiciness of the base spirit. This gives way to the sweetness of the four liqueurs, which is held in check by the bitterness of the Cynar and crème de cacao. The former lends an earthy and herbal complexity (in a much more restrained way than Fernet Branca, which was used in an earlier iteration), while the latter anchors the drink in a muted chocolate flavor alongside the Cointreau’s sweet orange taste. No single component dominates the drink, which is why the amounts are so carefully calibrated. In a pinch, you can use a barspoon to measure out teaspoons, but I find it’s easiest to use a dedicated measuring spoon for this task as the smaller surface area makes for a more accurate pour. (A similar reason lies behind my preference for Japanese jiggers over their wider and shorter counterparts.)

The drink’s rich golden hue and mostly Mexican flavor profile lend the drink its totally obvious and unoriginal name (but I maintain that if you’re going to give a drink this name, it should at least be gold).

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